Coop supermarket, Svalbard

The installation was carried out by Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions prior to the signing of the Joint Venture with Epta in October 2024


Viessmann has delivered the world’s northernmost supermarket

Svalbard is located in 78° north, between the mainland of Norway and the North Pole.

Coop Svalbard supermarket is located in the heart of the small local shopping mall called Svalbardbutikken in the city of Longyearbyen.

Svalbardbutikken is unique in the sense that it is a cooperative consisting of more members than there are residents in Longyearbyen. Coop Svalbard focuses on reduced energy consumption, lower emissions, less food waste and the use of plastic packaging and an increase in source sorting and recycling and they want to contribute to more sustainable products.

Ronny Strømnes, Managing Director of Coop Svalbard SA was looking for products which has a long lifetime and have as good performance as possible and are at the same time reliable during operations.

Delivering the products to such a remote place with a harsh environment comes with new challenges, but with extraordinary planning and preparation, we successfully delivered 60 meters of remote cabinets and 18 meters of plug-in units to this unique location with the support of our installation and service partner PTG. The products were first delivered to Tromsø, where they were re-packed into containers and shipped over sea to Svalbard. 

Ronny has been convinced about the equipment’s food preservation qualities, the fact that they always work and on Viessmann’s reliability as a supplier.

"The most important thing for me when we planned this store was to have enough space to grow our business. In addition, we wanted to have as functional store as possible and to have enough capacity." - Ronny Strømnes, the Managing Director of Coop Svalbard SA.