Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions presents new solutions for grocery ​retail at Euroshop 2023 - energy efficiency in focus

Viessmann - ESyCool green

At Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, we co-create safe environments for sensitive goods, such as food and medicine, and enable operations that help to provide well-being for people. With the full life-cycle support, we contribute to the sustainable future and preservation of our planet as one Viessmann family.

Frank Winters // CEO of Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

ESyCool green is the total energy solutions for fossil-free stores

ESyCool green offers the perfect fit to support food retailers’ sustainability efforts in enabling ways towards net zero operations of food retail markets. The award-winning ESyCool green is Viessmann’s total energy solution for food retail. It offers up to 20% energy savings compared to traditional systems, alongside improved reliability and integration, combining store heating and cooling, refrigeration and energy management.

New Tecto IS7 freezer island outperforms in energy efficiency

Viessmann’s new Tecto IS7 freezer island enables food retailers to present a high volume of goods within an attractive display cabinet while saving energy and lowering their stores’ CO2 footprint. Additionally a high degree of prefabrication speeds up installation time in stores.

New Tecto SV8 PI product line meets the needs for various product promotions

Tecto SV8 PI is a new product line that runs on environmentally friendly natural refrigerant R290 (propane). It is especially targeted for check-out area promotions and its vast range of refrigerated and dry shelf units ensures limitless possibilities for shopfittings.

Viessmann's cold and freezer rooms bring 18% more energy savings

Viessmann’s energy-efficient TectoCell cold and freezer rooms with new environmentally friendly refrigeration units are the choice for energy savings. In an independent market analysis by TÜV Süd Viessmann cold rooms outperformed market average cold rooms with 18% better energy efficiency. The high insulation quality over the lifetime of a cold room of up to 20 years reduces life-cycle costs and helps food retailers to save energy and lower their carbon emissions.

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